Gramps 80th Party

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Brithday Gramps!!!
Socializing away!!
mini cupcakes with mini paper airplanes

Plenty of sweets!

My dad made this plane....looks just like Gramp's plane.

Here's his little monkey that he flys with.
All of the Great grandkids stamped there hand prints.
A party in the sky!

Kido table
Paper airplane center peices

This is the food table....we used grass carpet to make it look like gramps runway.

Kids playing and me and my wench, I mean sister are shooting the breeze.
Youngest of us all!

Sweet Claire Bear!
Sara serving away.
There's alot of us we are the ones in RED!
The kid table turned into a big kid table.
Here's are biggest kid!
Beals Family
Here's trouble

Here's more trouble. Gramps 3 dad in the middle!
Nephew Gunner couldn't wait, he wanted those berries!

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