Hello Halloween (2)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yeah for HALLOWEEN! I love getting out my Halloween tub of orange black and white scary fun stuff and transforming my home. I keep it pretty classic because I think it would get on my nerves after a while....BUT if I was to have a party you better watch out...I would go scary all out! Maybe someday!

This is a dresser in my living room that I use for Williams toys, blankets and Scotty and I's junk drawers. Having so much black and white already it's so easy to decorate for this holiday!
BOO blocks! I stole a few of Williams blocks and colored them with a permanent marker black. Did you know stealing is allowed in October!
We have a visitor she sleeps behind our TV. I made her out of contact paper and totally stole the idea from etsy.com.
Sweet pumpkin soap...its wonderfully sweet!
Here's my little vintage pumpkins. And my little pumpkin last year at the apple orchard.
This spider scares me every year when I get him out of the tub...he hangs out on our G letter.
Here I am making my candy corn wreath. It was so nice to have some time when my mother in law was here to make it. And this is something I stole once again from a magazine....only because this month it's not a sin and its allowed, so I'm taking advantage of it! OH and because some days I just see something and I like it and I don't want to create it or think but just do!
After putting on the candy corn on I sprayed it with polyurethane to seal it and use it again.

A few years ago I spray painted some white roses and sprinkled them with glitter.
Here's our porch. I wanted to dress it up a little so I got some branches from my yard. Spray painted them and hung some ghosts and lights on them.

And this poor witch crashed right into our front porch. She blinks at night time. She's not too scary. But if you go to Target there is a witch that scared the pee out of me and William. I think I love her and someday when I have a wrap around porch she will have to visit and stay a while, But after Halloween she'll have to go! By the way take your stuff DOWN after Halloween....its just wrong if you don't! Happy Halloween!!


Reba said...

Your ghost tree is so great - and I'm loving the witch in the leaves! I sooo need to walk Miss Sumatra over to get her reaction to it - ha ha ha!

Creative friends are the best.

Summer said...

Super cute post!

Unknown said...

so cute! I love the outside...i might have to spray so twigs for our entry way!

Amy Castillo said...

You are so creative! Great job!