Clutter snob Bulletin Board

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm always looking for ways to reduce the clutter in my house.  I love my family but I don't want a house full of picture frames and I'm not a fan of putting a ton of stuff on my frig, a calender and grocery list is enough for me.  You could call me a clutter snob! So my solution to my clutter problem is to make a bulletin board.  It's big and I had every one and there brother on it.  Until this year,  and because I'm a clutter snob I reduced it and simply put my family on it.
 I bought this huge picture frame at a thrift store 10 bucks. 

 I did have a cork board but didn't like the color so much so I bought some beautiful burlap and glued it around the board. I love it much more and isn't burlap just beautiful?
William loves this board and looks at it all the time.  Here's his family.....

Grandma Lanta and Grandpa Sam


     Rich Uncle Richie and Lanta

Uncle Curtis, Aunt Jill and Cousin Jordan
 Cousin Kodi

Nanny and Poppy

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Kory,
and Cousin Claire

Sweet Clarie Bear and a baby sis or bro on the way. 


Uncle John, Aunt Julie, Cousins Ryder and Gunnar.

Ry and Gun are going to have a baby sis or bro soon too!

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