Tea Towel to Tee shirt

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So I've had this Tea towel in my to do inbox for quite sometime now.  It's in my inbox because I wanted to frame this adorable chicken tea towel. Why do I want it framed you ask.....I just love chickens and this towel was too cute to just dry my dishes.  It's been sitting in my inbox like a hen sitting on her eggs until today....I decided to give this chick some life!
Here she is on my tea towel..actually now that I'm looking at it she is maybe a he...I guess I think its a she since its made out of pretty floral fabrics....so I'll just call her a she and maybe give her a name later!
  So what to do with this lovely lady...Well I decided to sew her right on one of my tee shirts.
I just love her and this is the perfect place for her right against my, do I dare say chicken breast! ;)
 Making your own T's is just too fun.....I love thinking that no body in the world has my tea towel chicken T.  It's like having your own little boutique right in your home.
It was so easy to do.  I used that fabric paper stuff that you iron on to hold the chick in place, sorry I can't think of the name right now.  Then I stitched all around her.
Maybe one day I might frame you but for now you will rest next to my heart!  
Shirt- My Closet $0
Tea Towel- My kitchen $0

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