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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So a lot has happened the last couple of weeks.  We got most of our furniture in and I got to do a little decorating.  It was driving me nuts....I had to put some things on the walls.  We have most of our floors done, just a little bit in the hallway and the spare bedroom to go.  We have baseboards to paint and put up.  And those yellow doors that look like stained teeth will be bright white eventually.  Actually the color is Swiss coffee and its wonderfully warm and its everywhere!

I'm really really pleased with with wood floors all through out the house.  My hunch that the house would feel bigger and spacious was true.  I was nervous that when I got furniture in my house would shrink!  Not that I'm at all opposed to cozy little houses....I love them and prefer them, but a little more space is sooo nice!! I love when you walk in it looks so long and you can look straight out the door and that goes on forever....I picture an outdoor room being built in the future!
I think entries are my favorite!  I like to change mine up all the time,  its like a canvas to me that changes every season!  I Love, Love Halloween but I know I can't go all out this year.  So I just got a few things out, actually one thing out!

My spider!  I got this really cool globe that your supposed to put flower arrangements in. I decided to cage my scary spider.

William's cousins love it.  Claire wanted to touch it and Gunner man is not so sure, he kept asking is that a toy?
 I'm sure I'll be making it a snow globe in a couple of months....I'm going to have fun with this little $1 garage sale purchase!
I've been waiting for for months to put this old clock of Grandpa Hugh's up.  Goes perfect with my black and white decor! I love that almost everything I have in my home has a story, I rarely have anything from target or the store.  I love that I can look at something and think of someone or a good time in our life!

 Then I put a small picture collage up.  This is one about Scotty and I and how we met in KC.  We got the G on our honeymoon.  And a simple picture of us at a Royals game, which is where we had our 1st date!   Then I have cut out map of Iowa, KC and Springfield, need to mat this better sometime.

So I been wanting to put something big up in our kitchen wall. I want to put a big mirror but haven't had the time to go and look.  I found this huge quilt cutting board.  I just thought it was cool. And it was really cool that the guy selling it just gave it to me! Score! I don't think I'll keep it here but maybe hang it in the office and craft room.  Also need to finish the our table and put another light up! Oh the list of things!
Here's a close up of the board....

Here's William playing with powdered sugar.....we are working on his picky eating and a book I'm reading says for them to play with food and make it fun.  We are taking baby steps and before ya know it he'll be eating steak!
Reminds me of our house...little by little this little house is coming together and  and making us feel at home!

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