If I had a girl....I would be addicted! BOWS!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 So I've been having a little fun!  My sister and sister in law are blessed with little misses not to say I'm not blessed with my boys.  So I just had to get the girlie out of my system and create some cutie bows.....
I have a miscellaneous bin in my craft stuff and I just throw stuff together that looks right!
 Poor William is my model....I can't resist and his hair its a gorgeous blonde that I would love to somehow have!
 Katie even got a job as a model
 I got this Christmas bow idea from pinterest ..... http://www.wherethebuffaloplay.com/2010/12/i-heart-gift-wrap-guest-post-diy-burlap.html
 this one is my favorite and I'll be making one for myself too!!:).   Made out of a duster that hasn't been used.
 Rosette Christmas bow.....maybe can wear it after the season too!
 My niece Taylor is wearing some kind of silver sparkly poofy  dress for Christmas...hopefully this bow will be just the right touch!
 Love this traditional bow made out of ribbon.  I might be wearing this one too!
 Here is a tiny one...was a bit tedious to make but all the worth it!
 Here's William with all of them in his hair!
Love ya buddy!

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75th Street's idle Talk said...

Love the bows! especially the rose one! Did Will put all the bows in his hair?