Babystep Projects: Eating what I can doing what I can

Thursday, August 15, 2013

 As I mentioned in the post before I go crazy not being able to do.  I've done pretty much nothing but rest, eat and take care the of the boys. I know that IS something and I've learned it's okay to let it all go during the 1st trimester.   If you could see my house you might have to call hoarders, clutter everywhere!  But today  I decided I'm going to do a few things, not just clean but something creative.  It's medicine to my mind and soul and boy do I need it!
I picked really easy repotting my boxwood.  Scotty got this little guy for our anniversary last month.  The man has learned me well and knows how much I would prefer a boxwood over flowers. So it was time for him to have a new pot and it sound good to play in the dirt a little.  Just like my eating habits these days if it sounds good, go for it!
I just used a cheap hanging basket pot that I had.  I plan for this boxwood to grow bigger and I will eventually buy a permanent pot for him.  So the free one will do for now!
It's not perfectly centered but I guess nothing in my world right now is perfect! I just love the touch of green.  I have to go get more little box woods this time a year, I'm sure they are going on sale soon.  I just love having the green around during the winter!
 So while I was outside with the boys I looked at my desk I bought on craigslist for $30 bucks.  At 1st I was overwhelmed with all the stripping sanding and painting it needed, then I thought I can take that hardware off and clean it.
 I bought this desk because of the hardware.  I think it was Nate Berkus that said to buy a piece just for the hardware.  Or he said if you just like the hardware and not the piece ask the thrift store if you can take off the hardware and donate the piece. Luckily I liked both the dresser and the hardware. It can be quite the deal since hardware can be pricey.
 So I sat on the deck with screw driver and got a little part of this project done.....
 I plan to either put different trim or cut more straight lines on the bottom of this dresser....just not a fan of curvy dressers and my swiffer duster doesn't get under it very easy either.
We sold our nightstands in our bedroom and I plan to put this desk on one side of the bed.   I want to put my make up in one drawer and use it as a vanity and then we will put a few office supplies in the other drawers.  Funny thing is I was not planning for our office to be in our bedroom,  I guess God had it planned out.  Because our office will be no more once the baby comes!
 I had a little helper help me clean the hardware.
 All nice and clean....
Nothing big but it does make me feel good to get a start on some of my projects.

 Eating what I can, doing what I I tell my boys I'll be back but for now resting!

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