the Lorax Party that naturally happened

Monday, October 7, 2013

 I had planned on doing a Lorax party for my Fisherman.  I told you that I was letting my stress level be my guide while planning this party.  And the week I had planned to have his party we had my cousins wedding and my in laws were coming into town.  And I had something going on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and have I mentioned that I'm pregnant.
 So I sent everyone a text and said this is too much for me and for everyone.  Then my mom called and said why don't you just celebrate his party next weekend when we go to the apple orchard with the whole family. When I say whole family I mean my aunts and uncles, my brothers and sisters and my cousins and all of there kids.  Then she said I'll make a cake.  I said with all the weight off my shoulders "yes" and that sounds fun!
So we went swimming in the corn pool.  It was a beautiful almost cold day.  But when the sun came out it was perfect!  Here's William and his side kick Claire!
 Our Birthday boy!
 The whole gang, there was wrestling, belly flopping in the corn, tossing kids across the corn pool. We played for at least an hour kids young and old.

 there was so much do to I couldn't capture it all.  We've gone to this orchard for 5 years now.  It's funny how we had maybe 3 kids when we 1st started coming.  Now we have have a whole tracker pull full.

 Here is an amazing slid, the kids and parents loved it!
 We picked apples while some went through the corn maze....
 The apples did great this year considering the drought we've had.
 Poppy try one....

 My boys....
 We ended the day having supper in Gramps garage.  It's always a feast!
 Mom did a great job on the Lorax Cake.  It was a great Birthday for our man. Outside, perfect weather, laid back, great food and family.  Happy Birthday Fish!

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