It's Eclectic: Boys Bedroom Art

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well, I'm back in the house for a moment and I thought I would finally give you a peek into the boys room and show you some art!  I've tried to explain my style to people and I really have a hard time.  The best I can tell you is my style is eclectic.  And when you decorate with an eclectic style, you can't just go out and get a themed bedroom set, buy some art work and call a room complete.  That's why I rarely post a complete room, it takes time to cultivate an eclectic style.  I sometimes tell my husband, I'm almost done with the boys room, and he just looks at me and says..."really"?  He's so right like most of the time....I'm never really done.  But there is only so much wall space to hang art and I have a good portion of it done.  I do have a couple of pieces to frame and one more DIY piece for the boys closet.  Yes, I'm putting art in their closet and yes my husband is almost always gospelly right!:)

I decided to make a gallery wall.  I bought nothing new, I just found some art around the house I wasn't using, framed some of the boys art work, and made a DIY sign.  ..

Found a vintage KC Royals Score book of Scotty's and Framed it.

This is a G that we got on our honeymoon.  I decided to paint the "a t e s" on the wall to complete the name and fill in a bit of space.

One of Williams drawings,  his penmanship before preschool, he's doing so much better, but I just love this!

Every boys room needs some wild life!

William loves his chalk board!

Here he is making clouds.

Boys sign I made.....

Here's a baseball sign we had around.  

Here's Fishers art work.  It's more like spin art. This totally represents this kid right now, he is a whirlwind of crumbs and toys!  Love that boy!

 Norman Rockwell "a boys life"!  I bought this for William's nursery and I still love it!
 My latest piece has been this paint by number mountain scene.  It's a huge piece and really gives the room a statement.  I will post more on the detail of making this painting later.   For now I have it hung with duck tape.  Though duck tape is fitting for a boys room, I plan to frame it in a bright glossy red frame, like below....

I think my favorite thing about this room is the unexpected pops of bright color.   You look around and see pops or Red and bright green.   Seems like I can't commit to one color, on wood type....I love it all.  But somehow it comes together in the end.

When I'm not pulling weeds or working on the backyard, I hope to share with you the so called "completed" room with before and afters! This has been the most fun room so far!  I can't wait to finally get to our room!  Unlike this room it has not one picture up, complete blank slate!
I think you have to be a little brave to make a room eclectic, I think it demands the unexpected that can't be all planed out! Stepping out and not seeing the whole picture is the exciting part and causes me to be more creative!

What is your style?  Do you have a hard time describing it like me?

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