My Style, living room endings and bedroom beginnings

Monday, February 16, 2015

So I FINALLY got a new computer and blogging has become not only possible but enjoyable again!  I've suffered a long time with a slow computer and I took my husband's advice and a got a new one.  I've missed you guys and sorry for the long break....
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year! With time off of blogging, I had a lot more time to reflect on what I really want for my home. And I must admit some days I don't know exactly what my style is.  I've always thought my style was eclectic but I felt the need to narrow that down a little.  I've read that if you are stumped in what your home style is, start in your closet.  So that's what I did.  Looking in my closet I found a very simple wardrobe with classic brands like Ralph Lauren, crisp white button down shirt from Lands End, Frye Riding boots, little black dress, with a bright silk floral shirt.  So right away I thought classic, comfortable, with a touch of unexpected color, print or texture.  

The room I've been focusing on the most is our living room.
After concluding/confirming my style, I've been busy. I've kinda have been all over the place but wanted to give you a peak into my progress. 
If you asked me what my favorite colors are this year, it would be black and brown.  My base colors for my home have been black and white but lately I'm embracing brown.  I've snubbed my brown leather couch the past couple years, thinking I need something lighter and new.  But after doing my closet exercise, it confirmed to me that my brown riding boots will always be classic, and will only get better the longer I have them.   I'm finding that to be true with my dear couch, if I let her be!

When we 1st put these book shelves in they were all white. I had a good go with the all white look, but now I'm wanting to bring out more rich tones for a dramatic feel.  I had some black vinyl and double sided tape on hand that did the job nicely.

My faux fireplace has been a long work in progress, and sorry for the bad picture.  We are enjoying the comforting feel of this piece and the warmth during this brutal winter.  I have a few more finishing touches to do on this project.  Hope to share more details on this project soon.  If you missed it, here's how I made a fireplace from a dresser.

I love taking a break from the big projects and doing something fun!  I got this bamboo tray for less than a dollar at a thrift store.  I knew I wanted to give it a different look, so I got some white oil based paint and tapped off the part of the tray I didn't want white. Then I poured the painted right on the tray and just like flouring a cake pan, I tipped the tray back and forth, and let the paint cover it.

 After I let it dry for a couple of days I took a sharpie marker and covered it with a Dalmatian print. It added just the right touch of fun to my coffee table!
A couple weekends ago I was at Ikea and was surprised to find this bamboo tray.  You could easily make this with just a sharpie if you are so blessed to have an Ikea in your area!

Welcome to our bedroom.  This poor room as not been touched in 3 years.  Though I'm in the middle of finishing/polishing our living room, I decided to take a much needed break and work on our bedroom.  I'm embracing a dark gray/brown/green wall color. 
Hope to get this painted this week.  Before and afters to come.....
Do you get stumped or second guess what your style is?
Maybe a trip to your closet with give you some clarity too:) 

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