Master bedroom in the Making: Dark Paint

Monday, March 2, 2015

The last time we did a major project in our bedroom was 3 years ago.  We were scraping popcorn ceilings, painting walls and putting new flooring in.  I can remember the night we finally moved our bed into our room.  There is something to be said about a bed that is settled in the right place, and not on the floor of your boys room.  Your surroundings do play a big part in your sleep.  But since the day we moved in I have been pushing the snooze button on our room as far as design until recently.   I've only painted the walls, but I'm excited about the impact so far.
and the AFTER.... 
It's kind of like a night and day difference, literally.  I love this Behr color named Black Bean. I wanted to go with a bold dark green color but hubby wasn't too keen on the idea.  So I met him in the middle and went with a brownish, dark gray, green color.  Don't tell him but I think I got what I wanted, I see a lot of green;) Do you?
No, he is really happy with the color and it seems like we are sleeping better at night with darker walls.

I hope to share more on my rose painting later.  I originally thought I would put my painting above our bed right smack dab in the middle.  But I'm trying to break out of my (everything has to be centered) ways and not be so mathematical/predictable about hanging pictures.  For now it seems right that she is on my side of the bed, and I'm loving how it almost blends into the wall. 

I'm putting a design together as I'm finishing up projects in our living.   I think I need some time to marinate in this room for a while, and see what I really want.  My thoughts have been go even bolder with black curtains.  I think I would love the close contrast.  Maybe with white sheers.  The other day I had some fun putting colors together that have inspired me so far.  An accent color is still up in the air.  I want to put some fun modern pieces in here too to balance out the classic.  Like something in my $2 dollar frame below....


This picture gives you a better idea of the color I'm working with on the walls.   I'm I crazy for wanting black curtains?.....I just love these colors together.

Here is my $12 desk.  I just love it because it's solid and it was made locally in Iowa, but not crazy about the color.  Trying to decide if I should sell it or refinish it. It makes a nice little nook for me to do my makeup and a side table for Scotty.  So it's working functionality wise. The woodwork on those drawers are'nt hard on the eyes either.  Any thoughts on colors or stains? 

Lots of decisions to be made for our room. I don't have a very detailed plan yet....  I guess you can say I'm going to sleep on the design and dream for a while;) but not for long.  Hope to be back in here real soon. 

Do you have a dark bedroom?
Do you happen to sleep better in a darker room?

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Rachel said...

I love, love your dark walls, Julie. The location of the rose painting is beautiful, although, like you I'd want it centered, above the bed. What fun to redo your bedroom. I'm rearranging ours and bought a new comforter to fluff things for spring. :)