William's big boy room

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been forever since I've blogged about anything creative or any projects.  I guess I'm a little slower these days.  It's been killing me not to share Williams big boy room.  I've been talking to my mom and my sister about it over the phone and I so want them to see it. So here's a peak into my big boys room.   

 My inspiration is this bedroom.  I typically don't like boy bedding you can buy. It's way too busy for me. I figure kids rooms are aways busy with toys and stuff that I dont' need the bedding to be busy too.  I wanted something plan and simple and I found this handsome bedding.
 So I made this really simple quilt.  I took a brown and cream sheet and cut it into strips.  It was so easy.  And cost me only $30 compared to $150. 
 I loved how this bedding had touches of red.  I framed the quilt with red bias. 

Here's a baby blanket that has just a touch of red in it.
 I made a star wall our of contact paper.  William loved the stars and was so excited when I was putting them on his wall.  I love once again the touch of red.

Here's a red pillow.  I just love details can you tell?  My husband laughs at how much thought and detail I put into a toddlers bedroom.  It's just in my DNA, I love how everything pieces together and I see  anything I'm working on as a piece of organized art.
 His room is very nostalgic and vintage. But I like how the bedding puts a modern sporty twist to it.
 My other inspiration piece is this Norman Rockwell painting. It actually has been the inspiration for both Williams nursery and bedroom.  I pulled the touch of red from the baseball hat and the browns and touches of smoky blue in it.  I over all just love this painting.  And how it shows how busy a boy is.  And I love the route this little boy has.  It's funny because William is very routinal and loves a schedule.
I pulled touches of blue from the painting and bought these diamond sheets.  I love how they have a vintage feel.

I have boyish stuff through out his room.  I don't know what William will be into.  Hunting, sports, music, art, dance.....he does love to dance and he's pretty good to...but he can hit and throw a baseball pretty darn good too. Bought him a book thats about a boy named Will.

Here's my boy....looking at his ceiling fan.  Every time I turn it
off...he goes "OH no".
Baseball bank

Over all this room spells WILLIAM.  Love this iron sign my dad made him.


Anonymous said...

Love his room Julie! I love all the details. -Jen G.

Stacey Schell said...

So grown up! I love it for a big boy room! Great job :)