What I got to do on my Anniversary

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Friday the 1st Scotty and I got to go see my new nephew Owen Wendell on our 5 year anniversary.  We spent the day traveling and then when straight to the hospital.  After  our visit we went to my favorite pizza dive with mom and dad and William....it was hot and the AC was broken but sometimes it just doesn't matter when the food is good....it was perfect! Speaking of perfect this little boy was just that....such a doll and I couldn't help but think this is going to be me in a few months!

 I got to be a little creative and I painted my sisters bundle for the stork that lands in her yard before they come home.  After the stork sign has been up a while she gets to hang it in her nursery....just love these bundles!
 I can remember my sister wanted rice crispy treats so I decided to make her some.  I made a crispy bouquet.  I just formed balls out of them and put them on skewers, rapped them in sandwich baggies, and tied some boyish bows on around them.  So easy and perfect for a hungry, nursing mommy!
Thought this picture was priceless and I totally stole this picture from my brother in law.  Baby O will be my grandpa's 15th great grandchild.  Just love the tooth pick gramps.

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