Nursery Complete!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Nursery is finally complete!! 

BEFORE: The room was a dark red.  This little 8x10 room had 3 windows and was very cold.  So our goal was first to make it warm for our little one.
 PLAN: Our house was built in the 1950's and I was amazed to hear that 2 kids slept in this little room.  It is really cold and not insulated very well.  But my mom reminded me that back then they could crank up the heat really high and there bill wouldn't go through the roof unlike today. 
 So my Dad and Scotty got under the floor and insulated the floor.  It was quite the job crawling under such a small space. 
 We planed to remove one of the windows from the room.  3 windows in a very small place just wasn't needed and makes the room all the warmer without one of them! So we planed to make a built in book case right in the window frame.
Here's mom and dad working on the window....they were soooo much help and gave us a huge jump start to the room!!We insulated the window with white foam insulation.  From the outside it looks like a window and it has a shade that is drawn.  We put bead board and made small shelfs to displace books.  I didn't want the shelfs to be too deep since it was such a small space.
 Scotty painting the shelf.
 Painting the crown molding. 
 Here's the final product.  We put a shelf at the very top to make it not look so much like a window.
 Here's the decortive part of the shelf. 
 Blocks that say FISHER....our little boys name....still working on the middle name.
 Books books and books....we had a really nice book shower in our sunday school class....this boy is going to be read to alot!
 AFTER: Bright and clean...ready to change many diapers!  Williams bundle sign....will be replaced with Fishers soon!!
 Here's are carpet tiles I got for 80 cents a piece.  So your looking at a $12 rug.  We duck taped the tiles together and it worked great! 
 I reused a lot of Williams his quilt and bumper.  Had to put a touch of vintage in the room with this vintage fan.
 Put a bright map up over the crib.
 Love the bright colors mixed in with the boyish rustic look.
Love this song and can't wait to hold this baby!! 

37 weeks!

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Courtney said...

really cute, looks great and love the name!