Sweet Birthday for Claire Bear

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My niece turned 2 and she had a sweet cupcake birthday party.  Of course my sister went all out and decorated it so cute.  She does such a great job....here's a peak at her party. 
She brought up Claire's play kitchen that her daddy made her and dressed it with all kinds of sweets.  She wrapped a canvas with wrapping paper that she had on the wall and made a sign....great idea! 
Sweets were everywhere and little cupcake cookie favors.
 Elmo is Claire's favorite right now....Nanny did a great job on the cake and Elmo is holding a little cupcake just for Claire.
 Another great cupcake cake that Claire's Grandma Cathy made her.
 Cupcake garland...so cute...made with cupcake wrappers, dollies, and coffee filters.
 More sweets!

 Couldnt' get a great pic of our birthday girl....she was too busy playing with William.
 Doing there favorite thing going up and down the slide.
 They serious play perfectly together....even though they only see each other every other month or so.
 Look who showed up to the party, the dough girl mascot....he he...I love this part of being pregnant...I really do! Here I'm 32 weeks along.
 Nephew Ryder being a good sport and wearing his hat for Claire.
 Nephew Gunner and William eating together.
 Sweet Owen....now here's the real dough boy.  Such a sweet growing boy!
 Jen, Me, Mom and Grandma.
 Opening presents.
 Then it was time for a water gun fight!

 Just love these little people!
 Soaked and having a blast!
 Such a fun party! 

Here's a peak into my nieces room....my sister doesn't blog, so I thought I would share. She has more to do with it...but is coming along so cute. I love the corner curtain's.

Here's the polka dot wall around her closet....such a nice fun touch. She cut the dots out of contact paper. 

Happy Birthday Claire....I'm sure you won't remember all that your mommy did for you until you look back at these pictures.  William had so much fun playing with you on the slide.....I think it's his #1 highlight whenever he comes to Iowa besides dancing to Nanny's piano.
Love you, Aunt JUJU 

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Steph said...

Thanks for sharing Julie! I always wish that Jen had a blog! She has so many creative ideas.
I've loved looking at your blog too--very encouraging to me!