Williams 3rd Birthday

Monday, February 20, 2012

 My  William turned 3 this past weekend.  We had fun with family and friends.  William had his 1st sleep over with his cousin Claire.  They did fine the first night together the second night William was in our room.  Over all a great weekend. 

William loves cars so it that's what we went with.   I made him a festive Birthday sign.  I tired drawing a cartoon of him and it turned out pretty good. 
For some reason the picture wouldn't turn the right way???
 We rented out a room at church to have his party. With our little house this just had to happen this year.
 Every cars party needs a mechanic!!  Got this little patch on etsy.com.
 I used brown paper and painted a road down the middle.  Printed out #3's on the computer.  Made flags out of scrap book paper and scewers, then stuck them in a soup can.  Super cheap and cute!!
 For the food table I made a Pit Stop sign.  We had walking tacos for lunch.  For those of you who don't know what a walking taco is, you take a bag of corn chips  and fill the bag with taco meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, grap a fork and eat it right out of the bag.  For those who are visual people like me here a site with a recipe:  http://picky-palate.com/2011/02/01/walking-tacos/ .
 Here's Williams cake that my mom made.  She did an awesome job as usual.  She made all of us kids cakes and now she makes the grandkids.  With each one that she makes I feel like a kid again!!  Cakes are so exciting for kids and I just love Birthdays...especially kids.  Everything is so exciting!!

Here's the drink refuel table. Made the tops of the drink stand/ gas pumps out of paper plates and soup cans.
 I got some funnels at the dollar tree and taped them with some clear packing tape, perfect cup holder.
 The kidos had personal pan pizzas....Williams Favorite!
 We played on the blutrack!

Then it was cake time...

Trying really hard to blow out his candles.
Daddy Helping

Clarie helping

Opening presents
Party complete, William approved!!  Love you Sweet boy!

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Rachel said...

You're so creative! What a great party you and Scottie provided for William. Too fun!!!