Bucket Pics of Fish

Friday, March 9, 2012

 I finally got around to taking some pictures of my Fisher.  I took some pics of William in this same bucket.  Fisher is so long I was afraid he wouldn't fit in it.  He is  5 months now and is all smiles.  He's my little social bunny and wants lots of face time.  Which means he only wants to take 30 min naps and then he's ready for more face time but he sleeps through the night and that's a BIG but!  So that works for me!  
Hi smiley boy...
 Do you like that rubber ducky more than smiling?
 I don't think so, your starting to crack!
 There it is, are you going for your fingers next?
 I like partying in my bucket!!
" Oh that's funny mom!!"
 Getting some new hair and its blonde!
 "Yeah I'm loving this"!!
 Ornery look!
 and then we had enough!!
 We REALLY had enough!
 Then all was better once he found it 
 and He just might love it more than smiling!!

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