6 years and popcorn

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 Scotty and I celebrated our 6th anniversary.  We went to breakfast and then went to the house to work on popcorn ceilings.  I know exciting!!  We plan to go out some other time when we actually move into our house so for now we are looking forward to being done with popcorn.

It's been interesting to hear the responses I get when I tell people we are taking popcorn ceiling down.  Some say that they hate popcorn ceilings, some say they don't ever look at the ceiling, and some say they don't care.  We'll let me tell you I'm not a fan and the only popcorn I want is in a bowl with a lot of  butter on it.
 Here we are on the home stretch of removing the ceiling.....

 What a difference! Next paint and flooring.....creating a good base to move everything in and get creative!

So while we are slaving away on the house William is having a ball with Nanny and his cousins!! 

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