Camping Out (in our house)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

 We half way moved into our house for the past 2 weeks.  We are kinda camping out because we don't have all of our furniture and stuff.  We just have most of our kitchen stuff to cook, beds, towels, cleaning supplies, painting supplies, tools and clothes.  I can't say this is a new experience for me.  The year I was born my dad decided to lift our whole house up and build a foundation under it.  So my mother 9 months pregnant climbed a ladder to there bedroom.....yeah shes pretty amazing!!  Then when I was middle school age my dad decided to remodel the whole upstairs so we lived in the basement for a year as a family.
So remodeling is kinda in my blood....not to say I enjoy every part of it,  I just have a good understanding and tolerance for it.
Here is the boys room....fisher decided it was time for William to wake up!
 We had to make a trip to Springfield for Scotty's grandpa's funeral.  On the way back we stopped in KC and stayed at a hotel downtown.  Here's some of the views from our room.

 Fisher man camped out with us while William got to stay with a good friend!
 Good morning KC we do miss you!!
 Then it was back to Iowa to the craziness.  Here's our master looking forward to it feeling like that Hotel but with my own comforter!!:)
 Here's our living...brown paper and a piece of carpet for a rug.....lawn chairs and a little sofa. It works!
 Putting away the kitchen.....can't wait to go back and really organize for now its just put away....

 So my William has been watching Cinderella with his cousin Claire.....and I think he's playing out the scene where she's cleaning the floor.  He was really into it...

 So we are taking it really slow as far as painting....I told Scotty I don't want to go back and paint another ceiling, piece of trim or wall! I want to be completely DONE!!  Here's the master with the ceiling, trim and walls painted.
 Then we painted the floors to seal them....all ready for wood floors!!
 With kids you just do what you have to do to keep them entertained!!  William loved helping me paint the bathroom....Loved it!! and he really is careful!!

Here's the after a soft cream color.  Not very exciting stuff but progress.....more before and after pics to slowly come!!

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Rachel said...

How fun for you to be creating in a new space!!!