A Normal summer night

Friday, July 27, 2012

As we all know it's been crazy hot this summer and I would say the only good thing to come out of it is not having too many mosquitos and corn on the cob........Got a few ears from my dad's garden and it was pretty good.  I was trying to explain to Scotty what a good ear of corn is.......its not good you have to pick corn out of your teeth after eating it and it kinda has a sticky texture.  It's good if it just pops right in your mouth and the whole ear is clean.
Then with corn you must have BLTs.....
 and you must fry bacon outside and have your husband there to talk to you....hi Scotty's feet!
 And you must fry a couple of eggs in the bacon grease, because that's what my mom does and what she does is always good!
 I love this thing this summer
 and I love you this summer!
 and you too!
 Here's my back yard....there's a simple little house beyond the prairie grass....not a bad view.  We plan to buy some land back there.
 Here's Katie girl....she doesn't know what to do with herself these days with all the moving and change, and boxes, and suitcases, and remolding, and noises, her poor world has been shook and just like her momma loves being home and can't wait for things to get back to normal!
 Here's Scotty....he looks really long here.....and I told him you look really long and  he said "That's what she said"....his jokes are really so corny and they are getting worse in the corn state.  And I think what is more funny than the joke is his little laugh after the joke and the fact that my husband doesn't make sexual jokes ever....He really is funny, some just don't know it!!
 Here's a cool cloud that came rollin in before a storm.....I  love you too!!!

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