My caulking husband would be proud!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

 So during the week when Scotty is working, I try and find little jobs I can do around the house besides, laundry, cooking, feeding the boys, Katie girl, playing, and the list goes I do my best to squeeze in a home improvement job.   We'll today I thought I would caulk.....not my favorite job, and I'm not the best at it.  But the clean up is washing your finger and putting the caulk gun away, so thats doable.   As much as I would LOVE to get my color on the walls I know I need to do the prep 1st. Which means we paint the ceilings (2 coats) caulk all the wood work, sand the wood work, prim the wood work, paint the wood work, sand the wood work, put another coat of paint on, and then we finally can paint the walls. So it's quite the process but in the end will be well worth it!  Like I've said I'm not the best caulker,  my husband is the pro.  So when I was looking around for things to caulk and I found these lights.......

See the black circle around the light (not the circle around the actual light bulb, now that would be funny if I caulked that! Hey Honey look what I did!!:)....any way the circle that's touching the ceiling.....that circle is begging me to be caulked!  It was like finding a treasure....I thought I'm going to make you beautiful and no one, I mean no one (well except for Scotty) will notice it but me!!

 Right now you kinda look a little rugged around the edges....I'm going to marry you to the ceiling if you want to or not!!:)
 Now that's better!... as my William would say after anything that's better, he'll say in his sweet little voice "that's better", like after putting clean underwear on "that's better"..can't help but agree with him on that one!
 I left one light undone for Scotty to see when he got home...(the great before and after)... the one thought that went through my head as I was caulking, was my husband would be proud!  And yes I was like a little kid who made a picture and couldn't wait to show off what I did.  And yes it was the 1st thing I showed him when he hit the door....and he was proud!!
 What a beautiful finally caulked the knot and yes you will grow beautifully old together!!
 This is my boy Fisher....he's an explorer....
 and wants everything you have, which really works when it comes to eating...but not so much when it comes to paint!
Daddy snagged him just in time before his hand went to his mouth.  I'm sure there will be more adventures like this to come....I just hope they don't involve blood!!!

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