Chillin with the chaos

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm learning this word chaos really, really well.....and because I'm a visual learner and visually I see chaos pretty much everyday, it's not too hard to understand this little word!!   cha·os  (ks)
1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble

Yep that pretty much sums the Gates home these days!!

It's really not that bad I just have to keep perspective and thank God I have a creative mind to see that one sweet day my home won't look this way and will be back in order!  But for now in order to make a masterpiece ya gotta mess things up and put little chaos in the mix!!
So we've scraped all the ceiling before we moved in and they look great in the bedrooms, but not so much in the kitchen and living we are taking a step back and doing the right thing and going to spray knock down ceilings and make it right.....but in order to do that we got to add a little chaos in the mix!
 Took down the the fluorescent light from the kitchen, because I'm kinda vain in my kitchen and I want to look good while I'm cooking....and that light is not helping me or anyone else that walks in my we took it down and in the process of taking it down a little chaos came crashing down as the we dropped it to the babies or Katie were hurt just a little cut on my ring finger toe!  I picked out some school house pendants for the kitchen they are going to look great in my country kitchen!
 So another project we've been wanting to do and decided while we are in the chaos we might as well just paint the cabinets before we put the wood flooring in and move the rest of our stuff. I'm using a post from Young House Love on  how to paint your kitchen cabinets.    And while your doing a project and taking care 2 little boys your house goes to chaos hell for sure!!!
 Here's the 1st coat of paint after they've been sanded and primed.....
 New's a Bocsh......and shhhheeeeee's very quite...Love her!
 So while I embrace and learn to chill with the chaos....I just look at my orderly drink cabinet....
 and every once in a while grab a wine glass and my little disorderly chaotic house is not so bad after all!!!.....
Cheers to remodeling chaos!!!

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