I'm dreaming of a White Christmas in Aug!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

 We are finally getting some color on the walls and that color is white.  I love white and it's literally everywhere!  I must say I'm looking forward to snow these hot days.  And since we didn't have much a snowy winter in KC or in Iowa, I'm hoping we get it good this year.  I'm so pumped for Christmas....this will be the 1st year in 12 years that I'm not going to travel somewhere for the Holidays.  We are staying put and I couldn't be happier!!
I don't know what it is about your stuff.  But I really miss my stuff!  I know in all reality this house could burn down and all of it could be gone in a second but I just miss it.   I guess it just makes it feel like home and each wall or piece spells out who you are as a family!  So in someways I feel like a little kid looking under the Christmas tree and can't wait to open all of those moving boxes in our garage!

Some might say white is boring and I just love how clean it looks, like this sink!

Here's the white trim I've been painting....just love it!

 I have a lot of white dishes....love this cake platter my mother in law gave me!
 So pretty and girlie!!
 Here's my sea salt container....love picking up little things like this at thrift stores!
 and another find is my popcorn container....
 So we are coming right along....I can decorate ;my walls now and put curtains up and stuff.  Still can't move all our stuff in yet we are doing flooring next.   Every room will have a laminate wood floor in it except for the bathroom. Ripping up tile next :)
 Our white hallway....it's looking a little too white but once we get the nice warm wood floors in and our stuff it will settle right in and look like home!
 I think the #1 reason I like white is it makes everything pop...like this cutie pie right here!!

and yes this is the Good Stuff right here!!

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Rachel said...

I love all the white! So happy for you to have such a large canvas of a home to remake from scratch. You're in your element, I think!