A few Sparks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I really don't even know what to say at this point we've worked so hard my brains are gone....alls I know is there is no more brown paper and floors appeared somehow!
Then we rested ....Love those feet William!
 Then it was back to the grind!  and no Scotty is not wearing a tummy t shirt!  He's just tall and when he bends over its shows his back and I don't mind!
Okay back to the grind...here we are tearing out the tile...just not a fan of tile.  Yesterday confirmed it for me as I broke a bottle of worshire sauce. And who really has time to scrub grout, "Not I said the cat", go for it Little Red Hen!! Overall tile makes me nervous and who needs more nervs, Not I said the pig!!
Plus I think having the same flooring every where makes your space look bigger.
 pretty cute ;)
 Then after tearing out the tile we had about 2 million screws to take out....so we got my dad's grinder and just grinded them off.  In a perfect world my cabinet doors would be on and dust wouldn't get on my dishes....for now we are adjusting to having saw dust and other dust particles in our diets!  Yeah I about loose my mind when I start thinking about how we've been living, thank God I'm working my brains out so I don't think about it often!
 So for now I'm just enjoying the view and it sparks!!
Happy Tuesday!!

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