Making an old but new Buffet my own

Friday, November 9, 2012

 Went shopping at my grandma's again. Her and Jack wanted to get rid of this buffet that they pretty much got for nothing.  I wasn't sure at first. I felt overwhelmed with all the remodeling and my stuff was everywhere and I didn't want more stuff unless I really needed it.

Things are starting to slow down and the bigger remodeling projects are done and I feel like I can begin to think decoratively....So the more I thought about it, the more I was like yes this would be perfect in my entry way!
This is the old dresser I had there before.....which I got on the side of the road in KC.  I was looking around my house and I have a lot of stuff given to me or I found or I bought for pennies.  I love this little dresser but she didn't quite fit...I found a better place for her!

I also cleaned up the walls and took down my funny how you try different things when you 1st move in and your gut says that's not it. I'm still walking around and saying to myself that's not it to my walls. The longer I live here, the more I'll know and give my walls a good mate!
 So there are things I love about this buffet and there's things I don't.  This isn't a antique or a special family piece and really if it was I would change it anyway. If I don't like it I don't, and I might as well not torture myself with something I semi like.

So the things I like: the length of the buffet, the hardware (which the hardware is hard to see).
The things I don't like: the dark wood (I have enough dark wood in my house now), the moldings, it looks a bit gody with all the moldings and decorative stuff on it.

So I started to take off the decorative stuff.  Started with this molding below....I just took a couple of nails out and taped it off.
 Then I took this thing of the front of the drawer.  Some might be saying I'm crazy for doing this. I'm just not a real fancy girl. I would rather it look like Pa from Little House made this buffet with simple tools than have all of this fancy city slicker stuff on it.
 This was a bit of a pain to take off, but got it done and sanded it smooth.
 It looks pretty ruff right now.  My plan is to make a low shelf below where the legs are and store bins or maybe books to make this more of a practical piece.
Hopefully in the next week this thing will have a nice coat of white paint  on it.  I'm keeping the top of the cabinet wood for now, until I change my mind.:)
 So I'm kinda in the middle of projects right now. We are finishing up kitchen cabinets, finishing the flooring in the spare bedroom, and need to put a few lights to put up.  Then taking a break for the holidays!

Here's Katie girl....being a brat as usual!  Thinks she can eat with us at the kitchen table. We'll if it was up to me she probably would.
To be honest the past couple of months I've wanted to murder this dog.   I Love Love her, but I hate her hair and it was not a good marriage with my new dark floors.  But now the shedding has slowed down and I don't know what I would do without my little girl, she makes this little house special!

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