Stocking decision made by hand

Friday, November 2, 2012

 So I've been researching Christmas Stocking for 3 years now.  And finally I made up my mind.  I've been looking at a couple different stockings at Ballard Design and I would have it all ordered up in my shopping cart and for some reason I just could not would not push the send button.  The total was going to be about $100 and just couldn't do much as I loved them.  And thanks to my sister who encouraged/guilt trip me into making my own I decided to make my own......So I bit the bullet and started sewing.  I totally copied these below.  They are simple, rustic and warm....Love the plaid!
They aren't perfect but I think that's what I love about them!!  They could use a good ironing to shape them up!! I bought a Tan and white pinstriped material on sale for $5.

Then I looked and looked for the perfect plaid. I wanted a small plaid but allsI could find is a big plaid until I was at the salvation army and found the perfect plaid pj's.  They happen to be an XL so I snagged them for 2 bucks!

Then I was going to get the names embroidered on the stockings. I called around and didn't get any answers back.  So my patience ran out and a part of me was saying just do it yourself.  We'll I tried to stitch the names on....didn't work and I'm just not very good at it.  Then I thought about doing a wooden tag.

I took paint stir sticks.  Printed the names out. Cut aroundthe names out.  Scribbled on the back of the name. Then took my pencil and drew over the name on the stir stick.  It left a light gray imprint of the name.  Then I took a regular ink pin and drew over the imprint.  I tried permanent marker and it bled.  After that I took my wood burning pin and drew over the name  to give it some depth. Then I cut the names out and sanded the edges.
 And here's what I got.  Just love them all together with Katie girl in the middle....just like she always the middle of everything!
 Then I tide them on the the stockings.

 So my 3 year stocking process is over.  I must say I was scared I wouldn't like mine own stockings as well as Ballard's....come to find out I'm quite happy and don't regret it a bit.....and $7 bucks compared to $100 was quite the deal too!

I will just say it now before the crazy holidays start. We are taking it easy!! This will be the 1st holiday season in 12 years that we are going to stay traveling just enjoying it!!

and as far as these babies I'm forever Thankful!!

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