Thankful Before and After Living Room

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 I had to just stop this morning and look at some old pictures of our house.  We are finishing up on things and I find myself anxious and just wanting it done!  So today I thought I would stop and reflect and simply be Thankful!
 I love this saying from Laura Ingalls Wilder "Its the simple things that make living worth while, the fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest and living close to nature"  
With that said I'm simply thankful for my little home and the ability to make it beautiful!
Looking back we started from top to bottom....ceilings
 to floor
 Brown paper days!!
 Camping out days!!
 No furniture days!!
 Paintings days!!
 1st bath!
 1st dinner together in our home....Tasty Tacos!!
 Bonding times!! Boys room!
1st time painting walls!
 So its not completely finished, we have some small details to do but this is what we got so far and I'm can't be nothing but Thankful!!   BEFORE....

BEFORE before.....

and AFTER!!


and AFTER......

With all the afters there is still little things to paint the buffet
 Do something with these walls....Fireplace in the middle with built shelving on the sides....maybe????
Make new pillows
 Yes...I like the plaid much better!!
 Totally going to recycle my old window treatments and make to make these pillows!
Sometimes you just have to stop and reflect and simply be thankful!   So glad I did today!

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Rachel said...

It's coming together. Lovely home, Julie!