I awta buy those ottomans

Thursday, January 17, 2013

 This was the thought that ran through my head after leaving target.  I was with my boys and I don't always feel comfortable buying big things and making big decisions with them, cuz they suck my brains out or just make me think in a haze.  But through the haze I saw these pretty plaid ottomans and I thought they were cute especially on the clearance rack and I thought those would go in my living room.  They were $29.00 a piece which I thought was pretty good, not a steal like I normally get but they are new and I don't have to do much to them and my feet where needing a place to rest.  So I woke up the next morning thinking I awta to buy those things....
My plan was to make this trunk that I got for free from my old house into an ottoman....I really like this trunk, the size, the look, and for setting my coffee on and popcorn at night.

and then I just happen to make it cute with this G door letter.  Just pounded it in with a hammer....got it for $1.50 at a thrift store in KC.  So now I was even more attached to this little trunk, but my feet still needed a place and the hard truck was not cutting it!

so I ended up going to Target thinking they are gone....and thinking I love that plaid.  I think the plaid sold me!  So I found them and they were marked down to $17 plus $5 off with my target debit card!  Can we say confirmation!! 
 The plaid goes with so many black and white things in my house....like my old clock.
 One thing I do want to change is the blonde wood legs, want to paint them a darker wood.
 Overall they are working out well.  I love that I can move them around unlike some of those huge ottomans.  and they work as a nice little seat when company comes over.  Originally $59 so they make me feel like I got a steal after all!

So now I'm saying to myself I awta finish that shelf under my buffet.....more to come!

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