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Thursday, January 31, 2013

 Been going around each room and making a finish up/done list. Ya know those little things that you need to do but they aren't that big of a project so you just let them go and over time they drive ya nutty. Like after you put trim up and there are little nail holes that need caulked and painted over.  As tempted as I am to do the next project, work on the next room, I'm stopping and finishing.  So in the middle of being responsible I decided to bring in some love!
I love Valentines day, always have since I was little!  I sure do miss those monster sugar cookie hearts that Grams used to make us kids! I especially love the month of February because that's when I became a mommy and a Aunt.  Along with William's birthday I have 2 nephews that have birthdays in Feb. And I love them all so much!
So I didn't spend a lot of time on decorating.  Cut some felt hearts out and stuck them with Christmas hooks and put them on my tree.

 Wrote a love verse out on my chalk board.
 Set my heart plate out.
 Scrabble L O V E
 Got my her.  She is healthy and brings a little life in the house during the winter.
 Made a little love wreath!
 Found a place for my Katie girl.  Right by my coffee pot.  I love waking up to this girl.  She is perfect there and when I cream my coffee it looks just about her color....I know a artsy observation!:)
 Fisher must have been tugging on me when I shot this one!
and here's my sugar faced girl, enjoying the snow!
As the saying goes distance makes the heart grow fonder....might be a while till I can blog until I get my  boring DOnE list  DOnE! and I've been kind of a book worm this winter....loving this time of year.  Hope you are too!

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