The downside of being an artist

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So in my effort to organize my bathroom I made some wooden labels for my bins.  

By the way I bought my bins at Target. Was looking at some wood ones and like them but they didn't quite feel right to me.  I'm kinda weirded out about mold and I thought my bathroom can get steamy and these baskets could get moldy, even though they are made out of a tropical fiber that's used to humid conditions, I was conflicted (because I had time and brain space to be conflicted because I didn't have my 2 boys with me) but went with my gut and bought these plastic ones.
This is how they looked without the labels....
 I made these little tags out of a paint stick. Rounded the edges and drilled some holes with my handy Dremel tool.  Love that thing!
Made a boys basket....its big, has everything from lotion to clippers, to medicine for them.
 One for glad I went with plastic here for the wet toys!
 Then here is where where being artsy bites me in the tush!  Got finished with the medicine label and it's misspelled.  Sometimes ya just can't have it all. And math and spelling has never been my strong point and being artsy almost always wins.  I can remember telling myself that looks right....not sounding it out or anything.  Well I can't say it will get any better....I've been like this all my life.  I have gotten better at reading books which helps your spelling I guess?, as far as Math goes I do the budget and I keep it balanced, I write a blog which I know some of you painfully read, but it does have a lot of pics so that hopefully makes up for all of my mistakes!:).....but overall I love to create, paint, draw, sculpt, design, sew, it flows out of my pores and I just can't help it.  I love watching my William, he is just like me, it's not a hobby its a passion and it starts young!

So my Medicine label will stay up and I'm sure it will be corrected by some .....but for now it works and is quite imperfectly beautiful!

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Rachel said...

We are opposite! I would have spelled medicine correctly, but it would have taken me days to create the wooden tags, which I adore! :) Beautiful and creative as always.