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Thursday, February 21, 2013

 Nothing says home like a quilt. We love them around here. We have them on all our beds.  We snuggle with them while watching TV. I've been wanting some art work but didn't know what.  As you know I love black and white but I also love color.   I saw an idea in a country living magazine for making a quilt out of paper for your wall.  I thought it was so clever and so us!

 Around the house I've been going through boxes, organizing and finishing up projects.  And while I was going through one of the boxes I came across my idea file (yesterdays pinterest) that I made before I moved out of my parents house to an apartment some 13 years ago.  I found this hexie quilt clipping, it was perfect then and it's perfect now.  I love this design!
So my 1st thought was to go and buy some fabric.  Then I thought why not use what I have, and isn't that what they used to do anyway, just use what they have.  So I looked through my fabric box and tried not to be too matchy matchy with the fabric.  I just basically grabbed fabric and started cutting.
It only took me a couple of hours to cut everything out.  And FYI I'm not the best at cutting and I'm not a quilter so everything wasn't exact but it worked for art!

Every section has a little bit of history.  Here's some fabric that I made William burp clothes out of.  The green fabric is from a chair I reupholstered.
 Here's an old shirt of mine....sometimes if I really love the fabric on a piece of clothing, I"ll hold on to it.
 This is an old shirt a friend gave me.  The middle fabric is from a chair I reupholstered  in 2000.
 This funky fabric is from a baby shower I threw for my sister.
 I bought this shirt when I was in high school,  just love this fabric.
 Here's one of Scotty's shirts, I've always loved this shirt!
 My old KC kitchen curtains.
 Here's another shirt and some baby blue fabric from Fisher's nursery curtains.
 I'm so pleased!  I wanted something to tie the kitchen and living together.  I wanted color and fun.  I love when out of the blue even in a more formal home someone puts a plash of bright pink or a bright painting, just something out of the ordinary that draws your attention.
 My favorite quilts don't have any pattern as far as color.  The only logical system they have is the way they are sewn together otherwise the color has it's own personality and together they fit no matter how bright or dull the fabric is!  Kinda like my home it's kinda thrown together from different places but somehow it fits, sometimes it shocks me how it fits.
I love this piece, for me it says home, rest and refuge!
    Little tip.  I used Poly on this quilt to glue it down and it was so easy to work with.  It's not as thick as Mod Podge and I like the matte finish it gave instead of the shiny look Mod Podge gives. A little goes a really long way too.  It does take longer to dry than Mod Podge.  

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