Living book shelves in the making

Thursday, March 14, 2013

 Wanted to share a quick post on what we have been doing around the house.  There is always something. I've been wanting bookshelves.  Started doing my research and found that they ran $120 and up.  I really didn't want to spend that much and I didn't want something cheap so I thought why not try and make them.  We bought the lumber for about 60 and screws 20 and paneling for the back 40.  So we made 2 for 1/2 the price that a cheap shelf would be, I still can't believe how exspensive shelves are.   This was our 1st woodworking project and I must say it went really well.  We are going to build them in with our baseboard...we are still in the middle of this project project but almost done.
So my motivation in putting book selves in is not only look but also practical storage.  This is my storage room that I trying to make it disappear.  When we refinish the basement will have a small storage room and I plan on keeping it small so I need to downsize.
 I've been going through all our pictures.  They were in boxes in our storage and I though what a waste of space and we don't ever enjoy them.  And I want to have a place to put pictures when I get them instead of a junk drawer or in-basket.
I put them in this simple $2 picture boxes at Micheals.

Sorry about the dark pic.  So here's the shelves.  One is completely painted the other one needs it.  Then we just have to put baseboard around them.
 Here's my handy man at work.  I plan all the dimensions and design out and he keeps things level.  It works!
 In the middle of all of this I had to make a painting.  More on this later....
 So now I just need to figure out how I'm going to decorate these shelves.  Lots of books that's all I know for now!
 My next project is an electric fire place.  This is where an artist gets nerdy and its kinda fun!
The fireplace will go in the middle of this wall.  I love this entertainment center but it's gonna go somewhere else or on craigslist.  I plan on this room being more of a sitting room than a TV room once the basement is done.  I'm getting my inspiration from this cute country house blog for the fireplace.  Love this home and shooting for my fireplace to look just about the same tile and all.
Happy Spring!  I'm enjoying having more sun during our days and can't wait to feel it's warmth soon!

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Rachel said...

You always creative such beautiful things - love the bookcases. I have also admired the fireplace at acountryfarmhouse, and will enjoy seeing you put your own together!