Getting out

Monday, March 18, 2013

 The past couple of weeks I've felt a bit cooped up.  And the boys are bouncing off the walls.  I woke up this morning and Scotty said we have snow. We typically have 50ish weather in March but not this year.  So I looked out and thought I want spring then I looked down and saw this heart. And then I thought I'm going to love this day and I'm going to get out!  So I scooped off the front porch and the back porch and part of the drive.  It was light snow and only and inch so it was easy to scoop.
There was no wind and not too cold.
 Snapped many pictures of snow covered things.

 Won't be long till we see green all over!!

 I left the boys inside, they were looking and pounding on the glass door.  They surprisingly weren't crying but were happy.  I was in heaven for 5 to 10 minutes and I soaked every minute in.  Alls I could hear was birds chirping.  But overall it was quitet....almost like the earth was sleeping with a blanket of snow.  Something is so quitet about snow.
 I felt refreshed and it was good to breath the fresh air.
 So I'm glad I got to capture our hopefully last snow. I felt refreshed and ready to face the noise and my Monday mommy duties.

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