Girls Dessert night!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

 My cousin Melissa and family were in town so I decided we need to get together and have some quality girl time. This was my 1st gathering in my home and I wanted to get my Grandma's china out and have her in some way join us too.

I took a few pics before of the pretty plates and glasses ready to be filled!

 Have to have coffee with dessert!
 I set out Grandma's tea towels.

 Best part of the night gathering together around the table talking, could hardly get a picture in, so glad I did!
 We toasted my cousin Melissa's new house, my cousin Lisa's is pregnant, and cousin Sara's engagement!  So fun to have the whole gang together.  We all thought, this is how it used to be before kids.  So for a moment we felt like little girls hanging out with our mom's and aunts!  Great night, great memory!

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