Ruff Easter

Friday, April 5, 2013

We had a ruff Easter this year.  We had such a good year at not getting sick, we barely had a cold this year!  I was wondering when it was going to happen.  So the Easter bunny bug hit the Gates home just in time for Easter!

It started with sweet William a weekend before Easter. No throwing up just fever.
 Then after William was done, I felt like cooking  and I love making a spring quiche and strawberry salad this time a year.  But it ended up just being me eating it, since Scotty came home feel yucky.
 So we had kind of a lazy weekend. Caught the boys watching TV. Fisher never watches TV and it was kinda cute because William was running his fingers through his hair.
 Saturday before Easter, it was my time to get the bug.   Didn't want William to miss out on the Vanderpool Easter gathering at the Iowa State fair, so he went with Nanny and Poppy while we stayed home.
 William and I planted some magic beans that grew dum dums the next morning.
 Some how we managed to go to Easter service Sunday.  Everything thing was ironed and ready so we just decided to go.  After service we felt like crap again.  The boys got in the cabinets and pretended to cook some crackers, rice and pasta.  A carb specialty!

 I was sad we didn't get a family pic, we wanted to be comfortable right when we got home and changed clothes and had another day of laying here's our family Easter picture (better than nothing)!
 So just like my sleeping bunny plate, we had a pretty laid back Easter this year!

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