Bright and Sunny Floor Cloth DIY

Friday, May 3, 2013

I don't even want to chat about it or go out in it or look at it, I just want to hide my head in a pillow and wake up to spring again.  But for the record May 3rd we have a heavy blanket of snow.  So what am I doing to keep the sun shine in my heart.....I'm painting a bright fun floor cloth for our back deck....

I love floor cloths. Floor cloths were used to cover dirt floors and keep air from coming up wood floors.  They made them out of sails from ships.  So I guess I love them because they are frugal, practical, historical and country.
I'm making mine a little retro.  My style is country, retro, and a small touch of modern.  I love it all!
I posted about my back deck last it is nice, warm and cozy.....
We were picking dandies!

Then it came and went down hill : P

Looking on the positive side is I probably wouldn't have got this floor cloth started, since I can't help but be outside every living second these days!  So I settled in and burnt some midnight oil with a hot chocolate  Schappie in hand and started painting...
Glued the ends of the floor cloth and got my yard stick and measuring tape and started drawing.  It's not perfect by any means but I kinda like it that way otherwise it looks like a machine painted it.  So I measured a bit but eyeballed most of it.
I'm using paint around the house, flat wall painted, ceiling paint.  It really doesn't matter too much because you put like 4 layers of poly on it anyway.  It needs a good press and the poly will help flatten it out. I don't use tape, I've found in the past it takes too much time and I like the free hand look better.
 I love these cloths. And the great thing is you can be as trendy as you want and if you want to change the pattern, just paint over it.  How practical and frugal is that?!!
So soon we will be back picking dandies with our rain boots, have a feeling its going to be a bit soggy!
Warm wishes!

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Lisa said...

Hey Julie, I have a couple questions. Where did you purchase the floor cloth and is it primed? Thanks