Back deck on a Budget

Friday, April 26, 2013

 Last year we didn't get to enjoy the great outdoors like we would have liked.  This year we plan to be outside a lot.  It's feels so good to get some fresh air and have our house expand into an outdoor mansion for the boys....they LOVE it!  So I wanted to make our back deck a little more cozy.  The only problem is we have a small budget so I had to get creative!  So here's our deck before.  A small little square deck....
I put my plastic chairs out....don't have any room in the budget for a new patio set.  Got all of those flower pots on the side of the road and this cute little picnic kido table.
Here's the boys enjoying the morning sun....maybe one of them one day will like coffee unlike there dad and we can enjoy a cup together!
 So here's what I've done so far.  Painted the table black.  Got some cushions and pillows from my sister n law for $35.
 Replanted some perennial plants from around the yard so they come up every year then I put a few cheap annuals in.  Made a birds nest around my pot.
 This little robin is my inspiration.  I'm pulling different colors from him, from the oranges, to yellow, to browns, black,  grays with a touch of blue.

 Here' my flame less outdoor lantern that I got for a $1.00.  Maybe want to paint it a color.
 Our new grill, we love it and its charcoal and that adds more love!

 Love this little guy.  Might have to make a pillow or outdoor painting with this little guy.  Love the touch of blue too.
 I'm going to paint a floor cloth with this pattern for the deck.  It sometimes gets muddy and they say put a rug down with pattern to hide stains....  I made one years ago and it's been drug through the mud literally and cleans up and is still great!  Love this pattern.
 We need a little railing around the chairs for it to feel secure.  Love this wire fencing and the dark posts.
So more to come....the complete before and after and the final cost!

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