Butter burger, fresh eggs and homemade pasta

Friday, May 31, 2013

 Summer is here and we are enjoying our grill. Projects are slowing down for the moment until we buy some land in our backyard, so I'm enjoying the simple things in life like food.  I'm getting back into my cleaning schedule and my meal schedule, feels good and normal!
 My aunt Linda told me to make a real good burgers you should put a tab of butter on them.  Well, these burgers do look really good and it's not the butter fault(is it ever?), the problem is I should never buy meat anywhere but Farway, so we paid the price on quality but I will try butter burgers soon! Don't they look sooo good though!
I will say this you must have a good bun with your burger, not those cheapo buns that get mushy when touched with a single drop of ketchup. Spend an extra dollar or  two and buy good buns and butter them up and toast them....that's a must too!
My mother n law brought us up some fresh eggs from Scotty's sister Jill.  Arn't they beautiful and unlike the burgers they weren't just pretty they were really good.
 Went to the salvation army yesterday and got me a pasta maker. Funny how you always come away with something you really, really need ;)!  I've made homemade noodles for a few of years now but this thing makes it so easy.  And the noodles are so silky then.

And the Salvation Army just happen to have this handy noodle drying rack. Both the cutter and the rack were less than $10.00.
For me this is the life and I don't need much more than making good food for my family.  Hope your embracing your life and loving whatever it is your doing! Have a great weekend! Love, Julie

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