Deck Deck Deck......Done!!! (Cable Railing)

Friday, June 7, 2013

 Deck railing complete!  We worked hard at getting this baby done last weekend and finished it last night!  So happy and now we feel like we can sit back in those chairs with no worries of falling off the deck!

We used cable to rail the deck, love how it doesn't block the view!
 I painted the railing a dark brown solid color's awesome, it's at Home depot, it's name brand is Behr....Love it!

 Learned what a turn buckle and
  ferrule and ferrule tool is....I feel so educated now!:)
 Scotty drilling all those holes...
 So glad it's waiting to buy some land, we are buying to the 2nd tree back....can't wait for the boys to have a back yard and to put there swing set up!

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