Gates Establishment Sign

Thursday, May 23, 2013

So hard to believe this time last year we were packing boxes getting ready  to move to Iowa. Scotty and I were just saying how it feels like home now....our roots are settling in and there is no place I love more than Home!

So the side porch is complete with a little GATES Establishment sign and bakers table to potters table complete too!

Here's the before.....
 And after
 I nailed galvanized metal around my potters table to waterproof it.....It was a lot of bending and pounding!
 Can't wait till it ages and looks more like this!
 It has a little drawer that I hold my old gardening tools.
 So much more welcoming!
 Okay I don't normally do DIY because I work so fast because I have 2 little boogers to take care of so I don't have time....but I thought I'll put some effort in showing you how I make this simple sign.
1. Print out letters.  (okay so my printer is out of ink, and I actually traced them off my computer screen...thank God there was only 5 letters....for you just print them out)
2. Position letters on your sign.
3. Trace letters with a pen and press hard.
 They should look like this....

 5. Paint the letters.....I do the outline 1st then paint the inside.
 6. Tape the lines and paint.

And there you go!  The GATES estates is claimed and the front yard 2013 is done!  Off to the back yard!

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