Landscaping Love (Before and After)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I've loved doing our landscape this year. Last year I didn't get out at all we were soooo busy in the inside and when I went outside last year it felt like we moved to Texas instead of Iowa, miserable! Now I'm at stopping point with our landscaping and I can just take care of it which I love to do too! Here's the before....
Here's the plan which we plan to finish up next spring.....

Here's the side of the house....I moved a couple of bushes, cut out a lot of grass and planted lots of perennials. Found a spot for my Scotty & Julie heart that dad made us.

 Here's where we plan to make a deck probably next year from the door to the end of the you can see there is very little plants here, I moved them all.  We plan to put a new sidewalk in where the grass is now and when we move the sidewalk put more landscaping. Pretty much just like the picture I drew if you need a visual like me!
 Had to be Royal to our boys in blue!!
 Here's the other end of the house.  Cut out some more grass.  Planted some bushes.  The bush in the middle can get up to 8 feet tall to cover that dead  space between our windows.  We bought a rain barrel that I just love! And I love that this year we are getting some rain compared to last year!
 Not a lot of color but I love green so that lush and pretty!
 Lots of box woods around, love them....

Here's our side door porch.  Needs a little TLC.  Plan to paint this little bakers table and cover the top with galvanized metal to make a potting table. Some kind of sign needs to go over the table maybe a Gates establishment sign.   Now to figure out what color to paint, more to come!

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Paula said...

Love the front porch in the drawing!