Pretty Party for Cousin Claire

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

 Things have been slow around the house.  We've gotten at couple things done off our list but right now at least for the next couple of months we are adjusting to not having mommy full board. So my main goal for the day is to keep things picked up and eat dinner before 4:00....because that's when my morning sickness begins:P.  I really can't complain so far I'm feeling pretty good just really tired.  I don't throw up hardly at all/ at all and I just feel nauseous.  It can just be mentally exhausting thinking about what to eat every 3 hours.

ANYWAY I wanted to share Williams dear friend/BBF/cousin Claire's 4th B-day!  He was sooooo excited to go to this party.  I made the mistake of telling him a month ahead of time about the party.  So everyday, "can we go to Claire's Birthday"was his question to me.

It was an adorable princess Cinderella party.  Here William is so excited to give Claire her present.
Behind them is the trunk of dresses and can you guess who put one on right away! (do you see him eyeing them!)
 Pretty table
 My sister got pumpkins from thrift stores and made these cute crowns out of lace and starch and glitter.

 My mom got these cute little jars at a thrift store,  perfect for a little kids grip.
 William in his dress!
 Sweet table.....

 My sister makes these yummy sugar cookies.
 My mom made the cake....

 Sparkle paper roses

 Food table before the food.

 Here's the royal party!

 Birthday Cake!
 Cute goodie bags.
Happy Birthday Claire, I don't know what William would do without you!!:)

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