Big tub of a Kitchen Sink

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My favorite thing about my kitchen right now is my sink!!  I've been wanting a one bowl sink since the day I moved.  My old house had a big one bowl sink that I just loved it and got used to using it.  I don't see the reason for having 2 bowls unless you do your dishes by hand and need that rinse bowl.  I can put a whole cookie sheet in this thing and not have to fight that middle divider and have water splashing on me since this baby is 9.5 inches deep.  This is a granite composite sink, 33X22 9.5 deep.  We purchased it on amazon and the brand is Blanco.

I like how it blends in with the counters to give a continuous look.  I picked a really simple design with not too many curves.

 I got an all in one spray faucet.  My sister told me to do a single hole faucet for easy cleaning, why clean around a big silver plate if you don't have to.  Speaking of clean this sink is so easy to clean or if you don't have time to clean it, it still looks clean.  I had a white sink before that showed everything. Now I can pour my coffee and not see a thing. Who really has time to shine up a sink anyway....I know I don't!! Now I just spray it with some cleaner wipe it out and I'm good to go!
Having good smelling soap to wash your dishes with makes the chores of life a little sweeter.....Meyers Rosemary is my scent right now.
Life has become a little sweeter in the Gates household, we found out we are having a 3rd baby! When we bought this sink I told Scotty we could bathe a baby really easy in this sink.....a month or so later we got a little surprise.  I'm due the beginning of April!

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