Masterpiece to Me: William's Art

Friday, August 30, 2013

 Look at the little surprise I found in William's backpack from preschool.  I sure do miss my boy even though it's only a few hours, but he is loving school.  I've watched him paint and draw several pictures and I love his little style.  It's so colorful.  He switches colors all the time and I know it may look like scribbling to you but the boy has a rhythm/method to his drawings.  This little drawing was drawn on an envelope.
 So I decided to frame his masterpiece.....and yes for this momma every drawing is a masterpiece to me!;)

 And put it up with our family wall. I like how it's so different and adds a little color pop!

I'm humbly saying I feel much better these days.  I'm going on 10 weeks so I know the sickness might come back....but I got some amazing drugs to manage it! So my spirits are much brighter!
 Bought a little plant yesterday.  I don't think I'm going to put much on my buffet, but thought this little guy fit pretty well.
I plan to do much more with this wall, its coming together slowly, like most things around here. And it probably will change like most things around here too!:)  I guess like this little plant we are always growing and changing.....But for now we are enjoying seeing William's bright and cheery work up.
Have a super weekend! I'm looking forward to feeling the 80's again!

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