The Heart of Cleaning

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ever since we've moved I feel like I haven't got on a good cleaning schedule that's made me feel satisfied.  I have my mental schedule that I've had for years.... Monday:( laundry), Tuesday:(bathrooms), Wednesday (dusting), Thursday: (Kitchen), Friday: (Floors).  Moving into a new house that you spent the 1st year remodeling, which took up most of your time instead of cleaning, and having a child at that hard age of (almost walking but not quite yet needs to be held a lot more).  So with the new baby coming I feel discouraged that I'm never going to get on a good schedule because another big life change is going to happen again....but I'm going to give it my best and make a plan.

Lately cleaning has not been a priority.....  I'm going crazy because I feel like it's been like this for 2 years now.  I just want to go back to my wee little house in KC and keep it nice and clean.  I guess it just takes time to form a relationship with a house. So here goes with my plan with a few additions.....I gain energy with plans and lists....otherwise I just feel overwhelmed! 

MONDAY: Laundry, Pick up from the weekend, Organize or get rid of stuff in one closet
(I like doing laundry on Monday, its a good straight forward chore, I like designating a day to do laundry.  I keep a timer with me when the laundry is done so I don't have to rewash a load I forgot about, don't ya just hate that!? That's why I think it's good to focus one day on laundry.  I added a few other things like pick up...don't we always do that? Organize 1 closet,whether it's a shelf, get rid of some old socks, or a whole closet, just take 10 min and make life a little easier by organizing something.)

TUESDAY: Bathrooms and Trash
(This is a pretty easy day for me, so if I have other things I'm behind on I catch up on those.  Otherwise the bathrooms must get cleaned this day.  Nothing like a good clean bathroom.  I added trash to this to this day.  Walk around and pick up junk mail, toys you don't want, clothes that are worn or stained, just look and see how much trash you can find, go through that junk drawer.  Empty the little trash cans in the bathrooms, bedrooms or office.  

WEDNESDAY: Dusting and Windows 
By this day things should be picked up, trash should be gone so my goal is to have clean surfaces ready to be dusted. Along with dusting I vacuum furniture and run a lint roller other my lamp shades.   I added windows, clean those finger prints on the doors and windows.  

THURSDAY: Kitchen 
Pretty straight forward, I like to take one day and try and deep clean the room I use and abuse the most.  I didn't add anything to this day. 

FRIDAY: Floors
I have found that it's hard to clean wood floors with children running around.  I have to find a time between naps or something otherwise I have foot prints all over or crying babies from slipping and falling on the wet floors....ohhh the joys of motherhood!!
When I do clean the floors, I like to dust mop under the furniture good, dust the baseboards, vacuum the rugs, then mop.  
I like to take this day and decorate something or put a new plant out or hang a new picture....something fun. This is the day I usually treat myself to a blog post too.  

In a perfect world this list would get done every week. Just like budgeting you sometimes get thrown off but when you have a plan in tack you can see the light to come back to it.  Right now we are off on cleaning but I feeling encouraged to get back.
I know a clean house isn't everything, I've read the quotes "sticky floors means your a good mom"....I just roll my eyes.  For me it makes me a crazy mom. I feel like I've relaxed in a lot of areas due to being a mom and have learned to be okay with imperfection but doesn't mean I can't strife for it. My heart just needs to be not so disappointed/surprised when life happens instead of clean house! That's my balance struggle!

XOXO's  to all the mommies out there striving to keep it together with the right heart, you are so BRAVE!

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