Finishing: What I never knew about Trim!

Monday, September 23, 2013

This is the 1st weekend in months that Scotty and I have been able to tackle a project around the house.  I have been dying to put our trim up.  My dad is working on a house he's going to rent out and  he had the saw we needed, so we just put the trim off. It's not like you have to have trim to live.  But boy if I would have know how much it's freshens and makes everything come together I would have paid for a new saw! We started in the kitchen.....
So this kitchen was a little bit of a creative process.  As you can see I tried to paint wood planks on the wall.....Well that wasn't working for just looked a little cheesy, but I had to try and see it for myself.
My husband is a dear....he lets me do and be me!  I didn't even ask when I painted these planks, I just know he doesn't a good way....not that he "doesn't care" he's just care free and trusts me!  Then I thought I would put bead board up 3/4's up the wall and paint the upper part of the wall blue.  Then I got pregnant and everything stopped.
So after thinking about the bead board I decided to just paint.  Keep it simple.  And I'm so glad I did!  So I'm saving the paneling for the mudroom where I don't think I will ever get sick of it.

I feel like the trim pops everything out and I feel like my floors are new again....
 My cabinets feel new and complete.....
Since I opted out putting the bead board up.  I think we are going to put tile on the back splash. So that's why we didn't paint under the cabinets.
When I picked out the trim I decided to go with a taller trim. Compared to the shorter trim the price wasn't that big of a difference so I went for it, while biting my lip.  I just didn't know how a really big trim would look in a smaller house.  This is the trim I would admire at some of my huge houses that I cleaned....but in my house I questioned.  I did see tall trim in little country houses in Country Living magazine so I had an ounce of hope. Let me tell you I'm so happy with it, I told Scotty I can't quit looking at it....I love it! And my handy man is doing so well not ever trimming before, he's so precise!
 So my little kitchen is making progress and every project we do I feel like this is more like my kitchen....

 So grateful to be feeling much better and have a productive weekend....We have a busy week ahead with my dear cousin Sara's wedding and Fisher's 2nd Birthday.  Here's a peak of his Lorax party.  I'm keeping it really simple.  I've said no to myself several times with little things I could add to the party.  I'm letting my stress level be my guide.  I'm trying to make a few decorations and make simple soups, bread and salad for adults and ordering pizza for the kids.
I was going to buy window markers to make a sign on my mirror and then I thought why, when I have a million paints.  In the past I've spent  more than I've wanted on the goal is to keep the decorations simple and inexpensive too.
FYI my mirror is straight the photographer is way off :)

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