Boys Closet Makeover

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My boys share a room.  I've been frustrated at there closet for a long time. I had there toys in there and it was annoying because they would just throw the toys in there and the floor was always covered with toys. The doors would get jammed with toys, and if you know me we'll things that get jammed can and sometimes make me cuss!  Anyway I wasn't happy because I thought the boys weren't taking care of there stuff and it was just a mess.   So for the toy issue I got rid of a bunch of toys. Once I got rid of toys, I was amazed how they appreciated the ones they did have and they seemed to play with them more.  I think it's because they can see them better having less. Best decision I've made in a long time for me and boys!  

So back to the closet.  I wanted to make it as simple as possible.  I wanted the boys clothes to be separated.  So here is how the closet looks from the out side.  I have one side for William and one side for Fisher with a hamper in the middle.  I have storage bins on the top shelf. 
Sorry I don't have a before picture.  If you can visualize toys everywhere, shoes everywhere, closet doors jammed and a mother pulling her hair out, there's your picture!
 I put up this chalk board to point to which side is there's.  I want to find a quote on brothers, just haven't taken the time yet.....
I put a set of drawers on each side of the closet.  The drawers are a lot bigger in person than in this picture.  I put labels on the drawers: Shirts, Pants, PJ's and I put two tubs for Underwear and Socks.
 Instead of a long rod, I put a short rod on each side of the closet.  They don't have very many hanging clothes so this works great.  My goal for our family is not to have very many clothes.  Myself included, we really don't need that many.  I striving for quality over quantity.
 Here's Fisher's side.
 For the storage bins.  I wanted a bin I could put the next size up and clothes I buy that don't fit yet.  And a bin for the clothes they have grown out of too.
I labeled them (F) 2 Small for Fisher.
 (F) Bigger
 (W) 2 Small for William
 (W) Bigger
 For there shoes they go on the back of the door.  Love this, I put the ones they use the most at there reach and they can get and put them away easy.  This is so much better than they being piled in the closet too!
 I also put there coat hooks up too.  This makes them more self efficient too.  They can put there coats and backpacks up.  
Here's there old dresser.  I turned into a storage unit. This project is still is progress.  I'm trying to decided if I want to paint it or not.  I bought a bunch of storage bins to store and organize there toys.  It's working beautifully!
I need to find a place for that vintage fan.
I have a lot more to do on there room.  I want to get a new rug,  I'm going to put 2 twin beds on each side of the toy dresser.  Maybe mount two reading lamps on each side the dresser. I need to make fisher a comforter to match Williams or buy two new quilts. Then a few finishing decorating touches. Getting there but for now it's all about organization!
PS: I'll let you know how consistent this system stays picked up.  I must say so far so good. I'm not an expert mom but I'm gathering that  my children do like structure and get overwhelmed with too much stuff.  I'm confident now that I've set up a system for them where every thing has a place.  Makes training them a lot more doable for the parent too!

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SweetHarmony said...

I have to be honest with you. I live in t the UK, and clicked on your post to repost the first picture of the closet to my Facebook, with a cheeky comment on how enormous American closets are, and how my whole bedroom would fit into that closet, of course it would be easy to organise such a large space, but then I read the blog post and viewed the other pictures and realised what an amazing job you have done with such a small space making it look like a huge closet!!! Way to go, I will be doing this with my son's closet!