Inside Green Accents (Boxwoods)

Monday, October 21, 2013

 The past 2 years I have found myself drawn to plants.  Especially boxwoods.  I love them!  I would look in Ballard Designs catalog and see the fake ones and I thought they where so pretty but they cost a lot and they were fake.  The thought came to my mind, why not try and grow some inside.  So I bought my 1st dwarf boxwood online and spent $16 with shipping since it was the middle of winter and the local green houses didn't have any.  And since it was the middle of a long Iowa winter I was dying to have some green around.

When spring finally arrived I had my boxwood inside and I was outside as much as possibly working on flower beds.   Inside I had a fan going on to move the air and in front of the fan was my poor boxwood that   had completely dried up and I  had killed it :(  So I learned my lesson that I do need to keep up with the watering and not to keep plants in front of a fan!

This indoor plant world is a new adventure for me.  But I must say I love the touch of green around the house! I don't have a real bold accent color in my home with all of my black and white but I think green would be lovely!  So I went to Lowes and bought 4 little boxwoods for $3.50 each, that maybe be the cost of one of the fake ones at Ballard.  I've found that even though it says they need full sun they do just fine as long as you water them and don't put them in front of a fan :)  Overall they are pretty hardy!

So here's a peak of the green around our house.......

 I forget the name of this little guy......I'm doing okay keeping him alive....I probably need to study a little on indoor plants!

 Love how the green complements the green in this painting.  I need to find some inexpensive pots next!  I could see myself doing something festive with these for the Holidays...maybe tie a plaid ribbon around them or string a small set of battery operated lights on them.
Overall I'm so pleased with my boxwoods!! and the great thing is,  if I get sick of them I have plenty of spots for them to go outside!

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