Little Closet Clean Out

Friday, October 25, 2013

Those who live in the Midwest have the lovely chore of changing out there closets for the season.  I hate seeing summer clothes when it's 50 degrees out.  I don't like changing out my clothes but like most chores once it's done its a great feeling!
 My goal is to live with less and gain less stress. I've been doing a 31 day challenge with this great blog called Living Well Spending Less31-days-of-less .  I'm excited to do this challenge because I will be done a week before Thanksgiving and I love to give my home a good Spring Cleaning before the Holidays.  This also has some spiritual cleaning as well.....I take it or leave it since I'm a little emotional right now with a baby on board.....but it is good and it's not too deep or overwhelming.
 So I wanted to share with you my little closet.
Changing out my closet really goes pretty fast.  I have a trash bag for worn out or stained clothes. I have a trash bag for donations for clothes: I didn't wear that year, too big or too small, out of style, or I'm just sick of.  This year I added emotional clothing, like clothes that has your name on them or your husbands T that is so comfy but really needs to be trashed.
So this is what my closet looks like now. Sorry I didn't get a before pic, I just went for it and didn't take the time to snap a pic.  You know how it is with kids you just sometimes do when the time is available.
 I counted the hangers and I had about 40 pieces of clothing and I really think I can live with 50.  For some that might be impossible.  Right now I live a pretty simple fashion life. I'm a stay at home mom I don't have a work wardrobe and I just dress simply.  I wouldn't call myself a fashion person.  I personally don't like how much it changes and trends, it drives me crazy.  I want to put something on that is simple, comfortable and pretty.  So for people who love fashion this may be impossible.
 I have a few dresses.  I don't wear them very much.  When I do it's at church and at weddings.  I sometimes go all out for weddings.  It's not that I don't like fashion, I just don't want to put the effort or money into it.  I bought a dress for my cousins wedding and it was one I'll probably not wear again but I spent $15 dollars on it, I bought it online with free you can see how much effort and money went into buying this dress...very little:)  It's the gold sequence one and it will probably be donated in a year if I don't wear it again:)
 I keep my shoes in this little hanging thing.  I love that it keeps my shoes off the floor.  I hate a closet with a bunch of tossed shoes.  I also like that it limits me to how many shoes I have.  I live by the rule: if I buy something new something needs to be tossed. I need to actually go threw and put my sandals away for the winter.
 I keep my T's and undershirts on these shelves.  It's easy to put away and keeps it organized.  If these shelves start to overflow, I know it's time to toss!
 I keep my Panties, Socks and bras in these bins.....
 Call me a cowgirl....I have a few pairs of jeans especially when I'm prego.  But I limit myself normally to 5 pairs of jeans.
 a few more pairs of shoes....I only have one pair of tennis shoes, a couple pairs of winter boots because I do live in Iowa, one pair of dress boots, slippers, and causal everyday shoes. My husband wants to get me one more pair of riding boots and that will be it. I tossed one pair of cowboy boots to make room for my new ones.
 Accessories are very little in my closet.  Black belt, brown belt and a few necklaces and a handful of little hand bags.  I want to buy one really good leather purse and like my riding boots I'll wear it for years.  It also helps that I'm not into jewelry.  I love seeing other woman with it on but for me it's my wedding ring and that's it. I keep my scarfs in my coat closet so I can add a little color to my wardrobe with those.
 I have 2 bins up high for little gifts for my boys, I even put stocking stuffers for Christmas or gifts I find on sale. I try and not put too much up there for myself because I'm short and it will get lost or not worn. So it's a gift storage for now.
Hope you have a great weekend!!  We will be working on our mudroom.  I'm so excited for it to be done and more importantly used.  It's cold and I feel snow in the air and shoes will need to be tossed off and coats hung.  The mudroom will be our favorite room the next few months!

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