Neon Birthday Invites a party for William

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My son William is turning 5 this month. We had a simple party for him last year.  I wanted to do something special for my boy this year.  He LOVES birthdays and LOVES all the decorations, balloons, cakes, streamers, really anything decorative.  He'll come into a room that we've been working on, like the mudroom and say "it's beautiful", "I love it momma"!! He is very in tune and observant too, like when we were installing lighting under our kitchen cabinets he said "I love it" and then he pointed out that we forgot one light under a cabinet.  Scotty looks at me and said little you right there! So I just had to do something creative for my boy, and I figure I only have a few more years to do a themed party for him before he's not into it or completely embarrassed by his mom!:)
One of my favorite things to do while planning a birthday is making the invites.  This year was special because William helped me with the design.  He surprised me with the picture below of a birthday party he drew.  I thought that's perfect and went with it......

I tossed ideas around and I finally came up with a neon dance party for William.  William loves to dance and he loves color and it just seemed like him! I hopped over to Walmart and got some neon supplies and William and I got to work!
 We made black and white copies of his drawing.
Then we got to coloring.....We try and do something creative every night after Fisher goes to sleep!  It was so fun to watch him get so excited and be so into it!  I knew I made the right decision for his party and invite!
Cakes and dancing kids.....Looks like a party to me!!
I had fun with stickers and markers......I know making a design on the computer is nice but going back to handmade felt good and stress free.

I'm one of those people who loves addressing cards too.  There is something about picking up a pen and writing.
I will have more details on William's party.  It's going to be in our unfinished basement. The party has motivated me to get my storage under control and get things picked up. As I'm picking up I'm envisioning walls and flooring down there.  BUT we are finishing our upstairs 1st and I can't get too far ahead of myself.....but it's been nice to tackle a few prep things we would have to do before we start remodeling. For now it's a party room and i'm pretty excited!!

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Rachel said...

I adore William's drawing, Julie, and your invitations are wonderful, too. :)